Learn all about pool covers. What type is best for you...from inground to above ground, solid or mesh, learn all there is to know...

Covers for pools are made for doing more than maintaining a clean pool.

Now that summer has arrived, swimming (and anything to do with it) is the concern of the day.

Anyone who has his own swimming pool should get a pool cover. Believe it or not pool covers do more than just keep falling debris out of your swimming pool to keep it clean longer. Having a pool cover can be a matter of life or death. Quite a statement isn't?

Let me tell you the story about my 2-year old and our above-ground swimming pool. Maybe then you will be convinced that pool covers do more than keep your pool water clean.

Whether it's bath water, rain water or water that shoots out of our sprinkler system, our two-year-old loves it all. He may well have been a fish during a previous life...I'm not totally sure. As I know is he loves the water very much that my wife and I thought it will give him unending and boundless joy if we have our own an above-ground pool. And we headed to the store and purchased an above-ground pool set-up.

This made my son so happy. You should see his pictures. He was already in the pool even as we were filling it. He was overjoyed and we were able to get a digital picture of it. He even has a picture where he is standing with the water hose, squirting himself in the face while waiting for the pool to finish filling up. Such innocent joy is so heartwarming.

So we had the pool all set up in our yard and after a couple of hours in the water, we had to carry our protesting son out of the pool. To pacify him and restore peace and quiet in our home, we nonchalantly told him he could go for a swim again tomorrow and all the days after that because the swimming pool is not going anywhere ‚and it is his.

Just like always the next morning I said goodbye to everyone in my family before heading off to work. As it was just before sunrise or because my wife felt so, she and son returned to bed. She went back to sleep unaware that our son had gotten out of the room and was heading off to take a swim.

If we hadn't had pool covers, the results could have been sheer disaster. It is true, pool covers because we use 2 covers for above ground pool. Real pool covers are different from the mesh versions that mostly just protect from falling leaves and such. 

We have two pool covers because in our excitement I grabbed the wrong one,  the mesh-like pool protector meant to keep falling leaves and other debris out. It wasn't long before I needed to get a genuine pool cover. While I definitely could have returned the one we mistakenly bought, there are still times when I want the pool to be covered in order to keep it free of debris. That is how we ended up with two pool covers.

Going back to son, when he could not get the pool cover off, as it had been securely kept in place by ropes running the whole width of the cover and knotted at the end, he decided to sit by the pool instead, as if making sure that it really will not go anywhere. Kids  where do they get their thinking processes from?

Above-ground pools have rope to tighten the lip of the pool, but indoor pools need safety measures for children as well. 

Ideally, you should evaluate any pool cover in terms of whether it provides maximum safety. If it can possibly be removed from the pool, it should not be done by a minor

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